CDPR may have said before that The Witcher adventures have ended in The Witcher 3 but you should not write off the possibility of another sequel just yet.

We say so because CDPR is now opening up to the idea of developing The Witcher 4. The game developer revealed in an interview that they had just realized on the amount of effort, time and money poured into developing the Witcher trilogy and it makes it sound unfair to end the series just like that.

CDPR added that if there is going to be a sequel, The Witcher 4 must not have any influence on the main plot. CDPR is now exploring new ideas to create a new storyline should there be a potential for The Witcher 4.

Personally, the way CDPR mention about The Witcher 4 sounds exactly like what Bioware said right after launching Mass Effect 3. Bioware wants the series to continue but they don’t want to have any disturbance to the plot in the Mass Effect Trilogy.

The good news is that Bioware’s creative team managed to create a new adventure in Mass Effect Andromeda and this may have had an influence on CDPR.

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