The last Witcher game was a huge success and that might have lead to Netflix wanting to make a TV Show based on it. Although we know that the TV Show is happening, there has not been any announcement about which actors will be playing the characters.

Well, at least we know that Mark Hamill is interested in the TV Show. When the writer of the show releases the character description for Vesemir, the fans were quick to point out that the character would be a perfect fit for Star Wars actor, Mark Hamill.

Hamill later responded to it by saying that while he has no idea who Vesemir in, and what The Witcher is all about, he is definitely on board. CDPR later jump onboard and photoshopped his face onto Vesemir’s body.

We got to say, he does look like he would fit that character. Of course, Mark Hamill might just be entertaining the fans so don’t get your hopes up high just yet.

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