There’s simply no doubt that the Dodge Ram SRT-10 was an amazing machine. It boasted 8.3L Viper V10 mill, capable of 500 horsepower and 525lb-ft torque. But, even that couldn’t guarantee it’s longevity as it was terminated back in 2006.

However, thanks to rendering artist X-Tomi Design, we now get an idea of what a replacement to the pickup would look like. This model pictured above is based on the latest Durango SRT and it is equipped with the same front-end dampers seen on the 475hp SUV. The only difference is the bed that replaces the third row.

This design was rendered as a quad cab and it’s highly likely that it is fitted with the same 6.4L Hemi V8 that the Durango has. That said, it’s doesn’t seem possible that we would be seeing this pickup becoming a reality anytime soon.

Maybe the closest we would ever get to it is the TRX Concept, which arrived with a detuned Hellcat engine, churning out 575hp. This does look like the next best thing after an SRT-powered Ram.

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