FCA has been spending a lot of cash to go through with its big plans for Jeep lately. The subcompact Renegade has been making headway in plenty of otherwise dormant markets for the automaker, and the dawn of the fourth-gen Wrangler would soon be upon us.

Another highlight is Jeep’s first mass-produced Hellcat vehicle, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. It’s slated to debut at the 2017 New York Auto Show and should catch the eye of enthusiasts who feel that it’s high time they get an SUV that can burn up the tracks.

Having said that, the Trackhawk isn’t going to be Jeep’s most important release this year, even if it looks to be the hottest with the most outstanding performance numbers.

According to CEO Mike Manley, as per Fiat Chrysler Authority, the next-gen Wrangler is going to end the year as the “icon of the brand; the underpinning of everything Jeep has stood for many years.” So the spotlight belongs solely to the Wrangler.

That’s unless the Trackhawk ends up as something more than just a Hellcat SUV. What about a Trackhawk pickup truck? Well, RC-Workshop seems to have entertained the idea as well and has produced a quite a handsome render of the possible 707hp pickup.

Compared to the actual Trackhawk prototype that was unveiled not too long ago, some of the styling elements on this dreamed up pickup have been fired up such as the large hood scoop and meaner front bumper look. Apart from that and the obvious bed, this ute-looking Trackhawk remains pretty much reserved.

This wouldn’t really encroach the Wrangler Pickup’s territory, but could be an interesting rival to the Ford F-150 Raptor which is more about setting sandy trails ablaze than being an extreme trail hiker.

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