It is official. Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the all-new X-Class and they are now distributing the pickup truck globally, with the exception of the US.

The X-Class is built based on the Nissan Navara but it is refined to offer more luxuries and a performance that is unique to a Mercedes. However, the outcome of it all is a pleasing front design with a cheap-looking bed.

The lads at WinningDesign believes that more should be done to make the X-Class a one-of-a-kind luxury pickup truck and they have taken it in their hands to develop a rendering that shows off a much improved outlook.

The concept is as pictured above and the X-Class looks stunning with its low-riding setup. WinningDesign added a new bumper, grille and side skirts before making changes to the wheel arches and the shape of the headlights.

We are certainly pleased with the outcome of the design and would really like it to turn into reality. What about you?

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