It is official. Respawn has confirmed that they will be launching Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition later this month and a trailer of the game has been released today. Despite being called Ultimate, there is nothing about the upcoming title that is worth your attention.

This is because Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition is nothing more than an ordinary copy of Titanfall 2 that comes together with all the unlocks in the game. The only difference here is that Ultimate Edition adds in a minor paid DLC that offers weapon skins. Everything else is the same and the unlocks can still be acquired for free on the ordinary version of Titanfall 2. So what’s the purpose of Ultimate Edition?

The way we see it, Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition is a correction to Titanfall 2’s original launch day. The latter came out at a time where more established and popular FPS franchise are getting a sequel hence it didn’t manage to make it big on the sales front. Furthermore, the poor timing of Titanfall 2’s release has led to a lot of losses on the player count.

As such, Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition should be viewed like a soft re-launch of Titanfall 2. The lack of extras coming to the game means that Respwan is targeting new players and they are hoping to nail it on the marketing front. Wouldn’t you agree?

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