When consumers do decide to buy a car, most of them have the intention of keeping the vehicle for as long as they can. According to the latest reports, Americans will keep their vehicle for 7.3 years on average but some vehicles do stay longer than that and the Toyota 4Runner is one of them.

The Toyota 4Runner has always been known for being a reliable model and that could be why the 4Runner are being kept longer than the other models. The report reveals that the Toyota 4Runner will usually stay with its owner for 8.8 years.

Other SUVs that are being kept so long are the Ford Explorer and the Toyota Sequoia, both being kept for an average of 8.9 years before the owner decides to sell off the vehicle but those are still not the best the SUV market has to offer.

The report also reveals that Ford Expedition will stay with their owner for about 9 years while the Toyota Land Cruiser will stay for about 10.6 years.

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