The pickup truck scene has gotten bigger both literally and figuratively. Compared to a decade ago, the pickup trucks today are a lot larger than their respective predecessors and this create a void in the market.

While not considered a major demand, there is a section of the consumers that would love to have a compact pickup truck for greater versatility. The compact pickup can be daily driven, perform like a sports car and also fill in for any hauling needs. In short, these consumers want a wagon but with an open roof on its tail.

One particular Corolla owner saw no hope of a compact pickup truck to get developed that he has taken things into his own hands. The lad bought a cheap old Corolla before restructuring it to be a compact pickup truck.

The end result is as pictured above and it is not difficult to pull off. The owner of the vehicle simply chopped off roof behind the C pillars, which makes room for the rear bed.

The owner brags about spending so little in turning the compact pickup truck into reality and he opted for the Corolla for its great reliability. If more of these restructuring happens, we can expect carmakers to finally provide the niche compact pickup truck market.

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