Hyundai’s Ioniq has often been compared to the Prius hybrid and the former seems to stand out as the cheaper and more efficient alternative to the latter.

Perhaps the Ioniq is making Toyota stand on its toes as the automaker has announced that it has dropped the price of its 2017 Prius by $1,210!

The series now comprises of a Prius One trim level and it comes with a lower base price of $24,360. That said, this is still $1,325 more than Hyundai’s Ioniq Blue, which kicks off at $23,035.

The Prius One comes standard with automatic climate control, cruise control, a backup camera along with active-safety features such as forward collision warning and lane-departure alert.

However, the 2017 Prius One isn’t going to be all that different from the versions Two, Three and Four, when it comes to its mechanics. The model is slated to hit the same 52mpg EPA combined fuel-economy rating.

Many folks believe that Toyota is trying to justify the Prius’ ugly looks with the price cut and some have even said that they still wouldn’t consider driving a Prius.

Well, would this price cut change your views on owning a Prius?

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