Toyota’s hybrid sales are doing good and it appears to have surpassed the 10 million mark globally since its launch, according to Torque News.

Toyota last crossed a million-level milestone back in May 2016. Prior to that, it was way back in August 2015. However, Toyota’s average of approximately one million in hybrid sales in under a year has been firmly set.

Last year, the automaker recorded almost 800,000 units of EV sales all over the world, based on a report by Inside EVs. This marked a half-million increase from 2015. EV sales are thriving but they are still not on a one million annual record.

That said, the new Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid, considered as an EV, was the number two EV sold in America last month, beating the Bolt and both Tesla models. The Chevrolet Volt was the only one that surpassed the Prius Prime in sales.

Well, it sure looks like the Prius Prime would eventually kill off the regular Prius hybrid in the future with its strong sales.

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