The Toyota Prius Prime wasn’t all that we expected but it did leave a dent in the EV industry when it was unveiled. The first thoughts were on its odd looks albeit better than the previous generation Prius but in the end this wasn’t what Toyota was up to gain.

The Toyota Prius came about at a time when hybrids and electric vehicles were accepted to look ugly. You would never expect anyone to say a Prius was cool. However when the likes of the Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model X came about, it was clear Toyota would need to rethink its game plan.

Well they did and they didn’t go in the direction we expected. While the likes of the Camry and Corolla are braving their designs up, the Toyota Prius engineers decided to stick with the basics. There was no reason to go head to head with the designers of the Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model X when in the end it was the greenest and most MPG vehicle that would ultimately be considered a better EV.

With that said, the Toyota Prius Prim with is 640 miles driving range did best the Tesla Model X and Chevrolet Bolt by more than a smidgen. The Tesla Model X has 289 miles of driving range and Chevrolet Bolt 238 miles. So when it comes to numbers, the Prius can cruise quite comfortably past its rivals.

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