Despite the fact that Toyota and BMW will be working together to come out with the new BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra, these two models will be far from similar or at least that is what Toyota is saying.

After seeing the 86 and the Subaru BRZ, a lot of people assume that this partnership will be similar to that and at the end of the day, we will get to vehicles that are very similar.

However, according to Toyota, both BMW and Toyota has already decided on what they want their vehicles to offer from the start and has been working to achieve that. They ensure that the end products will be two completely different models which are good news for the fans.

According to Toyota, the new Toyota Supra will be a true sports car as practicality and comfort take a back seat this time. Toyota also hinted that a Supra GRMN is a possibility so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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