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Tracy Concept By IED, Don’t Get Fool By Its Size


From the outside, the new Tracy Concept by IED might look very small but it can actually fit more than the Fiesta.

Design with public and private use in mind, the concept is the work of students from IED Turin’s Master in Transportation Design. According to the designers, the concept is a mix of micro-mobility and shared mobility.

It measures at 147.2inches in length, 86.8inches in width and 82inches in height and a 113.7inch wheelbase, the concept is actually smaller than compact models like the Ford Fiesta. The concept will come with a four-wheel-drive system and will be powered by a double battery pack.

There will be two functional areas on the inside, the central position for the driver with five more seats for the passenger in a lounge couch configuration. The concept also comes with an app that will allow users to program the vehicle.

Author:Michelle Kade

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