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Ubisoft Hops On Battle Royale Train?


There are more than enough Battle Royale games to choose from now with every developer looking to incorporate some type of Battle Royale mode into their game even though that is not the main focus of the game.

Well, the next to join in could be Ubisoft as the company announced its own Hyper Scape. The announcement was followed by a teaser website for a fictional tech company called Prisma Dimensions.

On the website, it says that more information about Hyper Scape will be revealed on the 2nd of July so we will only have to wait a few days to learn more. It was reported that the game will be released on PC and consoles not eh 12th of July with cross-play possibly being supported.

With so little details to go on right now, we will have to wait until later this week to talk more about the upcoming game.

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