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Vader Immortal Now On PS4!


Vader Immortal was released exclusively on the Oculus Rift and Quest last year but the episodic Star Wars VR game will now be heading to PlayStation VR this summer.

The PlayStation VR version of the game will come with all three episodes and Lightsaber Dojo challenges. As the title of the game alone would suggest, Vadar will be the main focal here but you can also play as the smuggler recruited by the Sith Lord to find an artifact.

This and a few more Star Wars related news was announced this week in conjunction with the Star Wars celebration day, May 4. Some of the announcement includes the final content update for Star Wars Battlefront 2, the released of Rise of Skywalker on Disney+ and more.

What Star Wars news got you the most excited this week?

Author:Michelle Kade

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