We got to see the Volkswagen I.D. Hatchback concept a few years ago and while we still have not seen the road-going model, we at least know that when it does arrive, it will look similar to the concept.

According to Volkswagen, very little has been changed from the concept to the production model. Klaus Bischoff added that the proportions, wheel size, and design are the same as the concept.

Of course, features like the camera-system rear view mirror and electric door handle will not be making its way over but the rest will. That should be good news for those hoping that Volkswagen would keep the concept design.

It is said that Volkswagen is looking to offer three other Volkswagen I.D. model which the first one coming in 2020. The upcoming I.D. hatch is expected to come with a 168hp electric engine that will be offering about 373miles of electric range.

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