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Volkswagen ID.1 Arrival Window Decided


Volkswagen’s ID.3 model is the smallest EV model they have to offer not but Volkswagen wants to go even smaller with the Volkswagen ID.1. The automaker has now revealed when we can expect to see the compact model.

According to Car Magazine, the Volkswagen ID.1 will come in with a similar footprint as the e-Up! model and will come to replace the e-Up! in their lineup.

The vehicle will come fitted with two battery options, 24kWh and 36kWh with the larger battery pack offering an impressive 185miles of range. When it comes to the design, the new ID.1 should be sharing a few design features with the ID.3 model and will be fitted with a faux front grille since there is no need for a real one.

More details will be arriving soon but for now, at least we know that we can look forward to seeing the small EV model in 2023 with a hatchback to follow in 2024.

Author:Michelle Kade

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