While we knew that the Volkswagen T-Cross will be coming soon, nobody really knows when Volkswagen plans to launch it but based on these latest spy shots, the vehicle could be closer than we think.

The upcoming Volkswagen T-Cross was spotted when it was getting tested out in the open giving us an idea of what is to come. Overall, the design matches what we have seen on the concept but it looks like the production model will be toned down a little. One other feature that people managed to make out from the spy shots is the Tiguan headlights in the front.

The T-Cross will be coming in to sit in between the Seat Arona and Volkswagen T-Roc. There are very little details on the engine but most people believe that some of the T-Roc engines will make their way over to the T-Cross.

The new T-Cross SUV will be built in Brazil and is expected to come in to compete with the Nissan Juke and Peugeot 2008. Looking at how close the vehicle is to the production version, it might not take long before we see the T-Cross launch.