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Volkswagen Will Offer Pickups In The US?


The Volkswagen lineup here in the US is far from complete as they are a few models that are still missing from their lineup but Volkswagen is looking to make up for it soon.

One of the new SUV that we will be seeing from the automaker will be the new ID.4 SUV that we saw earlier this year. That EV model is expected to arrive early next year.

There were also talks about Volkswagen possibly offering a pickup here int he US based on the Atlas Tanoak concept that they showed off back year at the New York Auto Show. They already have an Amarok to offer on other markets so it made sense that they would also want to offer a truck here in the US.

There is also talks about the next-gen Atlas already being worked on right now despite the fact that the Atlas is still pretty fresh and new.

Author:Michelle Kade

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