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Volvo C40 Compact Confirmed By Dealers?


There have long been rumors about Volvo working on a new C40 Compact model that will be coming in as a coupe-style crossover model for the US along with another XC100 flagship crossover model.

According to Automotive News, the vehicle will be targeted towards the young buyers as expected with a compact model and that it will be coming with a sporty looking design based on the XC40 model.

As for the XC100 model, it was reported that the model will be a combination of the XC90, Range Rover and Cullinan. It was reported that it will be longer and wider than the XC90 model and will be shorter than the BMW X7. The vehicle will allow for a six-person seating with the seven-seat being an option.

Production for the XC100 is expected to start in 2023 while the C40 is set to launch in 2021.

Author:Michelle Kade

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