It looks like another model will be ditching its diesel engine as Volvo confirmed that their new Volvo S60 Saloon will not be getting the diesel engine this time around.

From 2019 onwards, all Volvo’s models will be launched with a mild hybrid petrol, plug-in hybrid petrol or an electric powertrain and by doing so, Volvo will slowly be moving away from the diesel engines.

According to Volvo, their future is with electric cars and they not working to develop any new diesel engines for the future and the next S60 Saloon will be where the change will begin.

This is not Volvo’s only electric plan for the future as Volvo has announced that they plan to have 50 % of their global sales come from electric cars by 2025. Volvo is not the only automaker that has announced their electric car plans for the future and it has become clear that electric will be the way to go.

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