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Volvo Vehicles Gets A Speed Cap


Volvo wants to encourage their customers to drive responsibly by added a speed cap to their vehicle.

According to Volvo, the cap was not to limit the owners but to help them become better drivers. With this new feature, Volvo models will only be able to go up to 112mph instead of 118mph to 155mph in the past.

On top of that, all Volvo models will also come with a new Care Key now which will allow owners to set additional limits the top speed from 31mph to 12mpg so that they can control how fast the other drivers are driving. This can come in handy if the owner is loaning the car to another or getting the vehicle for a teenager or new driver.

Volvo is also looking for ways to address the driver intoxication and distraction issue with a new driver monitoring system in the future. What do you think of Volvo’s plan to cap the speed limit of their vehicles?

Author:Michelle Kade

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