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Watch Dogs Legion Will Be More Complicated Than Ever


The third game for the Watch Dogs franchise, Watch Dogs Legion is unlike the two games before as this time, players will be able to take control of anybody on the streets of London.

According to Shelley Johnson, the Associate Producer of the game, the new game will be “complex almost beyond description.” and that it could be one of the most ambitious game Ubisoft have ever taken on.

It was added that there is no limit tot he number of NPCs the player can control in the game and because of the time and effort needed to make this happen, Johnson remarked that it was an expansion project.

Not only was creating the game challenging but they added that testing out the game was also another big challenge and that it pushed Ubisoft to the limit of what human testing is capable of.

Of course, when it comes to games that make huge promises like this, there is always the danger of not being able to deliver when the time comes. Let’s hope Ubisoft is not hyping us up for a huge let down here. Watch Dogs Legion is set to be released in March 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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