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What’s New In Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind?


A new DLC will be released for Kingdom Hearts 3 soon and here is what we know about the upcoming downloadable content.

Called Re:Mind, the free DLC will be arriving next year and will come with a few new playable characters included Aqua, Roxas, and Riku. There will also be new Keyblade transformation and fights and more.

One Twitter user Melanie who claim that she added the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra in Osaka also added that there will also be new difficulty options and photo modes and that they will be releasing it in December but it was later clarified that the December window could be for a new trailer and not the release date for the DLC.

With the photo mode, you can pose the characters from the game in adding settings with various background options and props. We also believe that there will be new boss encounters when the DLC finally arrives.

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