Samsung has, once again, shown the smartphone industry who’s truly the boss. The South Korean manufacturer’s all-new Galaxy S8 has received an ‘A+’ by DisplayMate for its stunning OLED display.

DisplayMate is a company who is an expert in performing display tests for color accuracy and calibration in mobile devices. This means the Galaxy S8 has officially been named as the smartphone with the best display currently on the market.

DisplayMate stated that Samsung’s Infinity Display can achieve a maximum brightness at 1020 nits, which is way above some of the brightness smartphones around.

The Galaxy S8 is capable of handling HDR and is the first ever smartphone to gain certification from the UHD Alliance for Mobule HDR Premium video playback. This indicates that the Galaxy S8 is able to reproduce video with the same color accuracy and wide color gamut just like some new HDR televisions.

Exciting news for Samsung but we can’t help but wonder if the upcoming iPhone 8 would be able to surpass the Galaxy S8 when it comes to its display.

A survey through the various forums on Reddit reveal that many feel that Apple may be upping its game with its latest iPhone and this could mean that the display may beat even the Galaxy S8’s. This is especially since the company is hitting its decade mark this year.

However, some fans claim that eye test is the crucial test. Samsung tends to display more vibrant colors that are more appealing but at times, unnaturally vibrant tones turn out looking worse than something more neutral.

Well, do you think the Apple iPhone 8 will be able to dethrone the Samsung Galaxy S8 as the device with the best display when it finally arrives on the market?

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