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Windows 10X For Laptops On The Way


A new document accidentally published by Microsoft might have given us an update on what we can expect from Microsoft and their Windows 10X Operating system.

Based on what was seen in the document which went live for a few hours today, the Windows 10X which was released as the operating system for the new Surface Neo will also be able to run on other dual-screen devices.

While Microsoft has not confirmed it yet, it stated that the os might be made available on other foldable and dual-screen devices as well. Some of the useful features that the OS will have are the Launcher which is also the Start Menu that we are so familiar with but unlike the normal OS, this will allow users to not only search for web results but also apps and files on the device.

Other updates include the update for the Windows Hello facial recognition authentication experience where users can immediately start authenticating with the face instead of having to cancel off the lock curtain.

The document was quickly pulled out when news of its existence started spreading but most of the important details were already picked clean before Microsoft could take it down.

Author:Michelle Kade

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