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WWE 2K20 New DLC Will Take Us To The End Of The World


It looks like even when society is falling apart, WWE will still be standing strong. The developer of WWE 2K20 has just announced the new DLC for their game called the Wasteland Warriors.

The new DLC will be set in a post-apocalyptic world as part of the WWEI 2K20 Originals series. This will come with new scenarios and situations for the game. It will also get a new Showcase and four new Story Towers along with new characters, two arenas, weapons, and commentary.

The new Showcase this time will feature Seth Rollins as Seth the Wanderer who is invited to the tournament in the post-apocalyptic city to fight for this freedom by taking on Overlord.

Fans can get the pack for $15 or get the Backstage Pass for $30 which will entitle them for this DLC and two upcoming DLCs.

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