Is it going to be an annual affair for hackers to threaten online console services during the year-end festive season?

Last year Xbox Live and PlayStation Network (PSN) were the target of DDoS attacks for about a week, and recently there were threats again. Thankfully this time nothing came of the threats and both services slipped on their own banana peels instead.

This Christmas PSN was affected by delayed validation for user registrations as well as some password resets. This is still going on, and is most likely due to the fact that plenty of PS4 consoles were gifts, thereby leading to an overload of registrations.

For the Xbox Live, the biggest issue was ‘Purchase and Content Usage’ having some difficulties, so users can’t really purchase downloadable items. This problem affected the service across the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows 10 platforms. Apart from that, the essential functions of the service ran into no trouble.

So the biggest loser is Steam, which didn’t really screw up royally – it just has the most head-scratching problem. There have been users reporting that they signed into their accounts only to be directed into the accounts of other users.It is not a major breakdown, but it gave users quite a scare as it suggested a security compromise. According to Valve, they just messed up the configuration of some stuff, so all is good.

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