Xiaomi is going big after the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 5 flagship, and will challenge the notion of a phablet with the Mi Max that is reportedly sized at 6.4 inches. The only catch is that it may prove to be as brittle as the 5.15-inch Mi 5.

The Mi 5 was put through a build quality test by renowned phone-abusing YouTuber JerryRigEverything and it failed the bend test miserably. Without much exertion, the device snapped like a soggy biscuit.

Recently released images of the Mi Max after it received its TENAA certification suggest that it may snap just as easily. A device with its dimension shouldn’t be so thin, especially when it also comes with curved edges on its rear panel.

Xiaomi Mi Max

Xiaomi Mi Max

Build strength aside, the large Mi Max is expected to come at a really affordable price as a budget device. It should arrive with a mid-range processor, most likely a Snapdragon 615 along with 2GB RAM and a 15MP camera. Given its size, it is thought to be packing a 4,500mAh battery.

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