Xiaomi has already started teasing the Xiaomi Mi8 this week and we can expect this announcement to be grander as ever since it will be launch as the Mi 8 Anniversary Edition.

The number 8 is considered a lucky number in China which means Xiaomi will not be holding anything back this year. It is believed that the new Xiaomi Mi8 will be coming with a 6inch display screen and that it will be powered by the Snapdragon 845 processor.

There were also speculations that the Xiaomi Mi8 could come with an in-display fingerprint scanner and possibly even a facial recognition feature. It is believed that the Mi8 could also be sporting 8GB of RAM and a massive 4000mAh battery.

The launch event will be happening at the end of this month in Shenzhen. Xiaomi also revealed their plans to enter the US market possibly by the end of this year or maybe early next year.

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