If you are dying to get your hands on a brand new device but your pockets simply doesn’t allow it at the moment, fret not! ZTE is here to make the world a little better for you.

ZTE has just announced its brand new Max XL device and before you think that this is just another budget device, keep in mind that this device comes right out-of-the-box with Android Nougat 7.1.1.

The device, sporting a 6-inch Full HD display, comes at a low price of only $129.99. And it even comes with the fingerprint sensor!

ZTE is currently marketing the device as perfect for streaming videos and playing games; however, it does lack significantly when it comes to RAM as it only has a meager 2GB RAM.

Aside that, the Max XL, fitted with a 3,990mAh battery, boasts 16GB storage along with up to 128GB expandable storage.

The device sports a 13MP primary camera while its selfie-snapper measures at 5MP. The ZTE model also features a headphone jack while sporting a USB-C port.

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